Our Next Collection, A Summer in Bora Bora

We have opened up our sketch book to give you a little sneak peak at our Summer Collection that will be launching later this year.  Inspired by the natural beauty of Bora Bora and the idyllic Tahitian Islands, these pieces capture the glistening beauty of the sun shining over the ocean.  

With fabrics adorned with sequins, beads and embroidery emulating the sparkling ocean surface.  Take a dive with us just a little deeper and enter the tranquil world where sea life darts playfully among exotic sea florals.  

The soft ruffles in the garments embody the ebbs and flows of the ever changing shoreline.  As the fluidity of our luxurious silk satins share similar movement to the shifting currents.  

From these delicate sketches you can see that this collection is sure to be a stand out, and can be worn to the polo, weddings, events and special occasion.  

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